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Councilperson De Giorgio offered the following resolution and moved its adoption, which resolution was declared adopted after a poll of the members of this Board:

RESOLUTION NO. 451 - 2017


        WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of North Hempstead (“Town Board”) is empowered pursuant to § 39-23 of the Town Code, upon recommendation of the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation (the “Commissioner”), to set the fees and charges for use of facilities and services in Town parks; and


        WHEREAS, the Town Board adopted a schedule of user fees for the use of certain facilities at various Town parks (the “Fee Schedule”); and


        WHEREAS, the Commissioner has recommended that the Town Board approve a change in the Fee Schedule lowering the parking fee at North Hempstead Beach Park to Ten and 00/100 Dollars ($10.00) per car for those attending an event at the Park organized by a not-for-profit entity (the “Amendment”); and


        WHEREAS, the Town Board wishes to approve the Amendment to the Fee Schedule as recommended by the Commissioner.




        RESOLVED that the Fee Schedule shall be amended to reflect the Amendment; and be it further


        RESOLVED that the Commissioner be and hereby is authorized to implement procedures for the collection of the reduced fee provided herein; and be it further


        RESOLVED that except as herein modified, the schedule of fees for the use of certain facilities and services in certain Town parks shall remain unchanged and in full force and effect; and be it further


        RESOLVED the South Asian Women's Activities Organization may pay Seven and 00/100 Dollars ($7.00) per car for participants of their event on June 29, 2017 if the organization pays by credit card in advance of the event.

Dated:             Manhasset, New York

                        July 18, 2017                                


The vote on the foregoing resolution was recorded as follows:



Ayes:  Councilperson De Giorgio, Councilperson Ferrara, Councilperson Kaplan, Councilperson Russell, Councilperson Seeman, Councilperson Zuckerman, Supervisor Bosworth


Nays: None



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